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My blog had a virus…

…at least according to ESET. So I have changed to this theme as opposed to my highly customized one. It looks boring with out my header pics, so I guess posts will have to have pictures from now oh. What … Continue reading

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purple frog…

Yep… that’s all I got. I’m thankful for my nice warm bed.

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The most wonderful man in the world

I have the most wonderful man in the world and I am thankful for it. He is responsible, loving and a perfect match for me. He is an amazing father and always puts his family first. I love you Kevin!!

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My true friends are few and far between… but the friendship runs deeper than any ocean. Today I am thankful for all my friends, they all make me a better person.

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Proud Mom

This is a camera phone pic of my very smart son, Hunter. He is wearing his math medal which he earned this week. He is literally a math-wiz! Even though they haven’t covered multiplication in school yet – he’s only … Continue reading

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Nov. 6th

In an effort to keep my political opinions to myself on this election day, I will get straight to what I am thankful for. Hope you enjoy the picture. Today, I am thankful for chocolate pudding.

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Helpful tips

I’ve learned a thing or two since my computer decided to desert me and take 15 months’ worth of pictures and data with it. In order to turn this craptastic event into something positive, I am going to share some … Continue reading

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oh man…

How to stay calm when you lose a years worth of pictures and documents off your crashed laptop… /crickets

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49 is just a number

In honor of my 49th year here on earth, I have compiled a list of the 49 things I have learned so far: 1. Having a child changes your life – for the better. 2. People litter… a lot. 3. … Continue reading

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Observations…or maybe just questions

Why is it so expensive to buy healthy food and supplements? IE: Whole Foods Market If Whole Foods Market is so concerned about my health, how come they don’t put nutritional information on anything they make there? If you have … Continue reading

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