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Call me crazy but…

If I were picking a picture to use with my article about Jennifer Aniston topping People’s “Best Dressed” list I’m thinking I would have used a photo that showed Jennifer WITH clothes on! It’s the small things in life that … Continue reading

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Life is too short

My friend’s father just passed away suddenly. He was 73. He was kind, gentle, smart, generous and loving. Son # 1 he spoke to all the time and son # 2 he hasn’t spoken to in over a year. The … Continue reading

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Oh boy! “I was miserable,” – No shit!Wonder if she is going to have any more.

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I have been tagged by Annika. Nice sense of humor, girlie…. But it is my first meme (whatever that means). Yay!1. One book you have read more than once: I really don’t read books twice unless it’s by accident or … Continue reading

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If people would quit asking…

…me if it is hard leaving Hunter in daycare today, I’m sure I could stop crying. I should have only worked a 1/2 a day today…

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Pumping at work can be a real “let-down”

Okay, so today is my first day back to work. I had Hunter June 14th, but was put on bed rest June 6th, so I have been gone for 3 months. Gone for three months from a job I only … Continue reading

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