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Why is WTF always my first thought?

$245 Million Dollars!! “Jim Wilson II, 84, and his wife, Shirley, 79, claimed the winning prize from last Wednesday’s drawing, along with their three sons.” I guess it could be karma… but jeez, what took so long? Just a few … Continue reading

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I know I can’t sing… so I don’t try.

I could watch these audition parts of American Idol every night. I don’t know why, but I find it hilarious!! I was in tears with this guy. He sounded like an elderly Jewish woman reciting the words to Gloria. When … Continue reading

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What would you do with an extra grand?

Apparently I may be getting some extra cash I wasn’t expecting. I’m not talking about the coveted income tax refund that never really leaves that back of you mind. I’m talking about a couple of grand falling in my lap … Continue reading

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All over the place

I can tell it’s been a while since I posted. So this post is going to be like a bunch of little posts all in one big post. Wow, thanks for all the great comments on my 12 of 12. … Continue reading

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January 12 of 12

I think I originally heard about the 12 of 12 idea from Helen as a comment on Meghan’s blog. It was the brain child of Chad and he has a whole host of folks participating. I apologize in advance for … Continue reading

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Hit me with your best shot…

Ok 2007, you have obviously decided you are going to be a character building year for me. I say… bring it on! Hey… It’s National De-lurking Week! Is Hallmark making cards for all these Internet Weeks of… things? Well don’t … Continue reading

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Emotional bumps

Wow, two posts today. This one I just really have to get off my chest. You know, I really like it when my life just goes along without too many bumps. I’m not talking about no changes, changes are good. … Continue reading

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Two for one

Conversation with a stranger and a MEME: I work at a public building and there are citizens coming and going several times during the day. As I am leaving the building yesterday afternoon, I notice a car parked right at … Continue reading

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Don’t be like this, 2007

It’s been kind of a bumpy start to 2007. My Mom fell last Friday and broke her arm. My Mom is very independent and she was moving boxes putting her Christmas stuff away and she tripped over a box and … Continue reading

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Reflections or Resolutions

EDITED: because I have no idea what a Relfection or a resolsution is…. A new year – what does that mean? Is it just a date change? Is it an excuse to re-invent yourself. Get rid of the bad habits … Continue reading

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