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Step on the scale Ma’am.

Today is weigh in day. I lost 6 pounds. It may sound like a lot to some people but it seems to be only a drop in the bucket for me. But for the first time since I was pregnant … Continue reading

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diet crap-o-rama

Well day 4, so far so good. I have done the treadmill twice this week (that’s sounds kinda kinky “done the treadmill” – but believe me, it’s not like that!) Body for Life is pretty strict – you should be … Continue reading

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They say the first day is the hardest.

I started Body for Life today. It almost scares me how easy it was to get up and get on the treadmill this morning. I walked for 20 minutes, varying my intensity level as described in the book. Why Body … Continue reading

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Mail time.

Ok so yesterday was March 12th. Ring a bell for anything? If you remembered the 12 of 12 then you are one step ahead of me… I forgot. Hunter has been sick for several days. I thought he was getting … Continue reading

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If you are a parent…

…and you want to do right by your kids. Please go read this. I stumbled across it via a link on Morphing into Mama

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The new “f-word”

After right-winger Ann Coulter used the “f-word” to slam Now hold on one cotton-pickin’ minute! (I can still say “cotton-pickin”, can’t I?) There is only ONE “f-word” and we shouldn’t be making new ones – it will be way too … Continue reading

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