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Question of the day

I bet each and every one of you is pondering… What happens when you leave your large glass of water on the table and divert your attention away for only moments? Well when you live with Hunter, here’s what happens: … Continue reading

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It’s Thursday already?

Where the heck has the time gone?? I have so many things swirling around in my head, I don’t even know where to begin. So here is some vacation babble and a few pictures randomly thrown in. Don’t mind the … Continue reading

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Vacation time

We are on vacation. Yay! When we get back hopefully I will have tons of really cool pictures to post. Don’t forget 12 of 12 on the 12th. I’m sure I will be able to take the pictures, but I … Continue reading

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Was today extra lucky for you? In honor of 07-07-07, here are 07 things learned today: 1. It’s really helpful to have the memory card in my camera if I want to take a funny picture of a construction worker, … Continue reading

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Mischief squared…

Around our house, mischief comes in small packages. These pictures are more of the snapshot variety. What can I say, it was raining. I’m not sure who’s giving whom tips here: He can’t walk yet, but he sure can climb. … Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July!

I am going to try some photos of fireworks tonight – if my neighbors cooperate. They usually have the coolest fireworks, you know, for home usage. In the mean time a couple of pics I took around the house today. … Continue reading

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Out with the old…

…in with the new. In full bloom. New pics… every day.

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my motivation

Today I joined Weight Watchers. HAP has joined forces with Weight Watchers (WW) to help it’s members get healthy. A health insurance company that is actually trying to help it’s members get healthy – what a novel approach to health … Continue reading

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How would you feel about…

some new photos everyday? I really have a desire to become a better photographer. I think a lot of my mental block (up until now) had to do with the lens I had. When I first bought my camera, I … Continue reading

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