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You know timing is everything. Two wonderful blogs have pointed people this way today and all I’m gonna give you is this lame-ass placeholder post. Sorry. See, I’m going out tonight… I’m talking babysitter and everything. I’m going to eat … Continue reading

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2 + 2 = ?

Yes it’s true I am a young man but I’m old enough to kill I don’t wanna kill nobody but I must if you so will And if I raise my hand in question you just say that I’m a … Continue reading

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Thanks Fussy!!

As nAbLOpOmO comes to a close, I thought it would be appropriate to share some thoughts about this gigantic (6,263 particicants) blogfest. I participated last year and blogged everyday. So far, so good with the posting this year. The new … Continue reading

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Sorry to do this…

but I have come too far to miss a day of posting. So, unfortunately for you, here is the brilliance that is me… {crickets} That’s what I thought. g’nite, catch you tomorrow.

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Need a great Rack Wrap for Christmas?

Well check THIS out!

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Weekly Winners

November 18th – 24th Back to the books {click on this photo and read the notes} Snow on the pumpkin Hair by Yams {straight out of the camera} Family lovin’ Not morphed – caught mid-head shake Ice flower Rose Hips … Continue reading

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Cleaning out my closet

We spent today on a few deep cleaning projects. Kev cleaned out the front closet… actually it was more like throwing things out and handing me things he didn’t know what to do with. While I was trying to organize … Continue reading

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Friday fotos

How I spent my day today: See this shit-ass grin? I know I’m going to be in trouble soon.

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Black Friday

It’s a short Sheryl Meme… Do you do it? Have you done it? What’s the earliest you’ve gotten in line? Are you planning on doing it? If you have, how much would you estimate that you saved? Lastly, did you … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Gotta love an original title. I hope that everyone (if you celebrate) enjoys tomorrow’s day of thanks. Don’t forget to take a moment to yourself and look around or inside and reflect on what you are thankful for. I know … Continue reading

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