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You know, I feel like I should clarify my WTF post from yesterday. I guess I was trying to be polite. I am also not trying to give too much information about the incident that happened this week because I … Continue reading

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WTF Wednesday

WTF Wednesday as stolen from my buddy Rhonda. I’m driving from work to pick up the Bug and I hear the beginnings of Janet Jackson’s Black Cat. Cool! I’m thinking, I haven’t hear the song in awhile I can jam … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement (from Hunter)

Just a little post with some advice from your buddy Hunter. (Bet you didn’t know I could type yet – I get lots of practice when no one is looking.) Anyway… on to my advice… Don’t eat snow… It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday (sorta) Suspicious chicken outside? Very suspicious…

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“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. ” I don’t think this would … Continue reading

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I have a question…

WHAT makes the dog’s farts smell like THAT? OMG!

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Okay, for those of you keeping track… The 4:30 meeting got canceled. And today… there was no meeting. I have however been given a deadline of Monday for a project I have been working on. You don’t suppose it’s so … Continue reading

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oh crap

Department meeting at 3:00 PM. This may not end well. UPDATE: Meeting post-poned until 4:30 PM. wtf?

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“Tree pretty… fire bad”

Wordless Wednesday Tree Frozen fog ~ taken December 26, 2007 Fire

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Election Day in Michigan

Yes, I have voted already. I took my 19 month old son with me and explained everything as I was doing it. He liked the fire trucks best (I vote at the local fire house). I want him to have … Continue reading

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