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I could be wrong

Sometimes I imagine being a stay-at-home-parent is a lot like working outside the home. There are a ton of obvious comparisons, but I’m talking about when you work outside the home with people that behave like two year olds. Some … Continue reading

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The unveiling… again.

Ok, here’s the basics of my new site look. I was going to just have it professionally designed, but it was really cost prohibitive. I don’t make any money on this blog. I just blog to… blog. While looking for … Continue reading

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I’m so disappointed

We are heading up north this weekend. We don’t have an Internet connection there. So I figured I would just upload my new page – little glitches and all. Especially since parts of the theme I’m using now is so … Continue reading

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Sunday was a walk in the park

…literally. After dinner on Sunday, Dad had Hunter come and ask me if I wanted to go get ice cream. I knew something was up, but I agreed anyway. Turns out we went to the park first. Dad even packed … Continue reading

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new routine

Our routine has been going through so many changes lately. When Kev started his new job he only worked for a week before a two week shut-down. At that point, his new schedule was more of a novelty. The first … Continue reading

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Reason # 643 billion why I am married to an amazing man.

Hunter goes to daycare at a local church. The church runs a daycare program, a pre-school program and an academy for K thru 12th grade based on home schooling. One of the ladies that has been caring for Hunter since … Continue reading

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June in Review – part 1

June was a big month for me. There were a lot of milestones to celebrate and take note of. June 5 – my nephew turned 18. June 6 – my nephew graduated from high school June 12 – my husband … Continue reading

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July 12 of 12

July 12 of 12 This is a cool little monthly ritual that I do because of Chad. Go check it out. Here’s mine for July. 8:17 AM – Who needs toys when you have a box? 8:28 AM – Willow … Continue reading

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Who needs collagen injections…

when wasps live on your deck? Fuckers bit my son… … and now they are ALL dead.

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