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Discombobulated and back

Tuesday afternoon Kev called me at work… this is nothing new… what he said was… As soon as he said “hey”, I knew something was up. He said he had a stomach ache, like he ate something that was bad. … Continue reading

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I totally want this camera bag. Why does my taste have to be so damn expensive?!? That’s what I get for going to the hoity-toity part of town to look at camera bags. gah.

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My son, the comedian

So many things going on… Yesterday at the dinner table Kev and I were talking about my quest for a camera bag. We had decided that after dinner we would all go to the camera store. Sometimes I’m so crappy … Continue reading

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spread the word

An 18 year old was shot and killed in our community the other night. His younger sister was one of the summer youth working in our department. My heart just breaks for her; so young and forced to deal with … Continue reading

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Photo contest – yay!

Aimee is having a contest. Greemblepix is a new monthly photo contest and it sounds pretty cool. It’s open to all levels of photographers (which is why I can play). Aimee has some wicked photog skillz and this is one … Continue reading

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Try it, you’ll like it

I’ve installed the comment luv plugin. It’s pretty cool. When you leave a comment, it will add a link to the last post from your blog. It’s a nifty little plugin, I must say. I told you, the updates just … Continue reading

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August 12 of 12

August 12 of 12 Hey kids, it’s that time of month again!! On the 12th of every month I take 12 pictures for the 12 of 12 project, as created by Chad . Actually I take more than 12 pictures … Continue reading

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A deadline looms…

… and Sheryl has begun the non-sleeping ritual. I have a very important report that has to be at the State BY Friday. While I am well on my way to completing the request, I am still far enough away … Continue reading

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Dear Wii Fit,

Dear Wii Fit, Hey, nice to finally meet you. I realize we just met, but can I give you some advice? Just because my husband and I don’t conform to normal size standards is no reason to call us obese … Continue reading

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Proud Mama

Today Hunter is less than a week and ½ away from turning 26 months. A little over 2 years old. I am constantly amazed at my son. This morning while I was still laying in bed, he came into the … Continue reading

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