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Sheryl’s Bailout Plan

This whole financial debacle has been weighing heavy on my mind lately. I have been listening to the news channels at lunch and on my way home from work (gotta love Sirius). Yesterday, I finally did it… I checked the … Continue reading

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Festival firsts

This weekend we took Hunter to the Fenton Apple Festival. He has ridden rides with people before, but never alone. At least, until now… he loved the kiddie rides. It didn’t matter if it went around, or up and down … Continue reading

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Morning sun

All morning I watched the sun’s rays coming through the trees. I was making breakfast and periodically going out and taking some pics. I used my exposure lock to get a better exposure. This was the first time I had … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

An apple a day…

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September Gremblepix Contest

It’s time for the September Gremblepix Contest already? Wow, time flies. Be sure to check out the other entries over on Aimee’s.

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September 12 of 12

Project brainchild: Chad Take 12 pictures on the 12th of the month and post your link on his site. Here we go: 6:59 AM Hunter in the shadows as he makes his way downstairs for breakfast. 7:08 AM My morning … Continue reading

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Photo Contest…

Yep, I entered one. For some strange reason, it feels like it’s a giant step in my photography arena. There were amazing photos submitted, so I don’t have any disillusions that I should win, but I also feel proud to … Continue reading

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Friday wrap-up

Yay for short work weeks!! But can you tell me why the week still seemed a month long? From way back in the end of August… Kev and I went to a friends wedding. I got this great shot, but … Continue reading

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Dear Hunter, As I picked out your clothes this morning the thought crossed my mind that you should wear something special… I pushed it away. It won’t be so different, I thought to myself. Perhaps I was in denial. Even … Continue reading

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