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Happy Halloween

In the beginning… Then there was man with a wicked smile and a knife… His son (you could tell it was his son, they had the same smile)… His son had guts… Now I could lie and say Hunter carved … Continue reading

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Diamond in the rough

It’s been kind of a rough couple of weeks. I’ve been sick with a head cold for the second time in a month. Work has been busy and basically, I’ve just been tired. And when that happens, I feel like … Continue reading

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Greemblepix – October

Well, it’s Greemblepix contest time again. (crap… wordpress isn’t letting me add the badge. I’ll try again tomorrow. ) Here’s my entry: You can click on it to go to my flickr page and view a bigger version. I’ve posted … Continue reading

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12 of 12 October version

Here’s the deal: Chad Darnell is the brain behind 12 of 12. Click his name to get the details. I was north in mid-Michigan this weekend so my 12 of 12 is almost exclusively outside. And honestly, for the first … Continue reading

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This is weird…

Ok, this is just weird. Kev left for his weekend hunting trip yesterday afternoon. He took the dogs. And he took Hunter. It’s just me and the cats in the house. …weird I’m going up today. That’s right. A nice … Continue reading

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How to fight the frumpies

Before: Here’s one with sunglasses to make the comparison fair: After: My Mom gave me money for my birthday and told me I had to spend it on myself and then I had to report back what I bought. Well … Continue reading

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Weekend in review, plus 2

Sunday’s are really best for naptime. After naptime we went to Spicer’s Apple Orchard. Lot’s of things to play on here. The Zip line is his FAVORITE! Inside the train. I love the effect the light through the slates has. … Continue reading

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They say it’s your birthday. It’s my birthday too–yeah.

In honor of my 45th birthday, I put together a list of 45 things that I believe are the essence of me. These words finish the following sentence about me: I am (a/an) 1. Mom 2. Wife 3. sister 4. … Continue reading

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In the beginning

Kev and I were sitting on the couch talking and Kev motioned to me to stop… he was trying to listen to Hunter. Hunter was standing on a plastic tote, reciting something. He was saying it over and over again. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Bill!! (9/26)

Last Friday, September 26th was my brother’s birthday. My Mom always tries to take us (my brother and I) out to lunch on our birthday. Last Friday was no exception. Since Hunter’s daycare was closed, I didn’t work so I … Continue reading

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