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While it may appear that I crash and burned at the end of NaBloPoMo… I don’t feel as though I did. We spent Thanksgiving with family and then in the evening we left for Kevin’s Dad’s cabin in the middle … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that each and every one of you, whether you celebrate Turkey Day or not has a great day. Even in these tough economic times every one has something amazing to be thankful for. Please take a moment to … Continue reading

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Mixed emotions

Today was my supervisor’s last day. He was the Finance Director. He was a good supervisor with a very strong integrity. He believed that he had accomplished everything he could and he retired. Today I was told I will be … Continue reading

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Is it wrong…

to be eating an ice cream sandwhich while watching “The Biggest Loser”? what??

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could today move ANY slower? I hate it when I go to lunch early (I had to get my tire fixed before the snow started falling). It makes the day dddrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggg. NaBloPoMo – day 24… still.

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Photo shoot day

Well I did my first photo shoot today. It was fun! It was promo shots for a band. We did it outside – it was cold. Note to self: outside photo shoots even if it’s 40 degrees outside… is too … Continue reading

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Casinos, conversations and Christmas

The casino was fun yesterday and I don’t think I did too much damage. I only left $35 at the casino… unlike one of my friends who donated $200 to the cause. I like to think I know my limits … Continue reading

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Going out tonight… Won’t be available to post anything even resembling a decent blog post tonight… so why don’t you just talk amongst yourselves until I return tomorrow. TGIF! NaBloPoMo – day 21

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Spanish – Survivor – Links

Nifty title huh? That’s what happens when you are running low on creativity. hehehe In honor of my buddy Meghan (she’s doing a DIY theme for NoBlo month), here is some linky love for all those photography junkies. DIY … Continue reading

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The reason it’s called crap-o-rama…

Not much out of the ordinary today. Hunter is sleeping like crap which means I’m sleeping like crap…nice. I had a meeting at work, off-site. I got there and was told the meeting was canceled until next week. They never … Continue reading

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