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Last post of 2008

Last post of the year I know it’s been a while since I posted. The past couple weeks have just flown by. It started back on the 19th . Hunter threw up in the middle of the night… twice. That … Continue reading

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12 of 12-1… a year in review

Well this is the second year that I have participated in Chad’s 12 of 12. The first year I only completed 10 months. This year I did every month except February, so that puts me at 11 of 12. January: … Continue reading

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Dinner conversation

“Mom” “Yes Hunter” “I tooted” giggling “You did?” giggling “Dad, Hunter tooted.” Now we are both giggling. “Go potty?” “You have to go potty?” “Yea” So I took Hunter down to the potty, in the middle of dinner. I gave … Continue reading

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Greeblepix – December edition

Life has been crazy busy, but I still wanted to participate in this month’s Greeblepix contest. Make sure you go over to Aimee’s site and check out all the entries. It’s late, so without further ado here is my pic. … Continue reading

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December 12 of 12

December 12 of 12 I’m just going to apologize for this 12 of 12 in advance. Work has been crazy busy and I honestly can’t even believe that I remembered the 12 of 12. The whole 12 of 12 concept … Continue reading

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A is for Angels

decending on Christmas Day. Hunter was in his first Christmas Program. The K-2 and K-3’s performed together. The program was too cute. One of the kids wouldn’t go on stage; one wouldn’t say anything when he got to the microphone… … Continue reading

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Here’s the deal

I can’t tell you how hilarious it is when a two year old starts his sentences with: “Here’s the deal.” We just rolled. ~*~*~*~ On the job front… it’s crazy busy. I had my first after hours meeting yesterday. And … Continue reading

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There’s no denying he’s my son now…

Uncle Brian: “Hey Hunter, how do you say one in Spanish?” Hunter: “One in Spanish.” …then he walked away.

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