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A view from the inside…

I have lost about 13 lbs since I went to the doctor last month. I was quickly heading back to my heaviest weight of 250 and I swore I would never get back there again. But with work stress, Kevin … Continue reading

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“How to Make Your Own Fun” by Hunter

My son…? did it again. Like his own personal Bat-phone to the fire department. For the second time in his short life, my son has pulled the fire alarm at daycare. Yep, firetrucks again…. I’m sure Dad is proud; and … Continue reading

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An Easter 12 of 12

The idea is to take 12 pictures on the 12 of the month and post them. Then send the link to Chad so he can put them up on his website. It’s quite cool to see everyone’s day and I … Continue reading

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