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I am thankful for the weekend, even though every seem to end so quickly.

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Missed a day

… but sometimes you have live your life. Last night I went out with a group of friends that I have been hanging out with for more years than we can count. And honestly I suspect we will be getting … Continue reading

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Opening day…

In honor of opening day… here is one of my favorite deer pics. I loved shoting this deer… he was so calm and really didn’t care that I was hanging out… clicking away. Today I am thankful for peace and … Continue reading

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purple frog…

Yep… that’s all I got. I’m thankful for my nice warm bed.

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The most wonderful man in the world

I have the most wonderful man in the world and I am thankful for it. He is responsible, loving and a perfect match for me. He is an amazing father and always puts his family first. I love you Kevin!!

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This is Hunter after our day trip to Flint. First, a trip to the Children’s Museum, then lunch with our KLA… it was a wonderful day. Hunter fell asleep on the way home and never woke back up. Today I’m … Continue reading

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is a wonderful thing. So glad this boy can be free because so many people have given of themselves to fight for this freedom. Thank you to all the Veterans; young and old, past, current and future. Thank you for … Continue reading

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First signs…

Today I’m thankful that spring always comes after the winter.

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My true friends are few and far between… but the friendship runs deeper than any ocean. Today I am thankful for all my friends, they all make me a better person.

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Everytime God lets me see one of his beautiful creatures.

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