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Economic questions wrapped in a WTF

Soapbox warning. I have a few quesions about the state of the economy… By day, I am an accountant. So typically I can understand things like: banking, the economy, etc. But lately they* have been saying things I just can’t … Continue reading

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It’s the last day of January already??

Holy crap!   I know it’s been a while… sorry.  Work has been crazy busy.  It’s been 2 months since I was given an additional job to do, on the premise it would only be temporary.  Still, no decision has … Continue reading

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Six degrees of an American Autoworker

I bet I can put anyone within six degrees of an America Autoworker. My husband comes from a long line of GM employees: his Grandfather, his Father, his uncle, his brother and his cousin all work or worked for General … Continue reading

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I’m part of the problem

Right now, I’m part of the problem.   I’m not spending ANY money.  Our whole family packs a lunch everyday.  We eat meals at home, not in restaurants.   I have purchased clothes for Hunter but only because I had … Continue reading

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Sheryl’s Bailout Plan

This whole financial debacle has been weighing heavy on my mind lately. I have been listening to the news channels at lunch and on my way home from work (gotta love Sirius). Yesterday, I finally did it… I checked the … Continue reading

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