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Helpful tips

I’ve learned a thing or two since my computer decided to desert me and take 15 months’ worth of pictures and data with it. In order to turn this craptastic event into something positive, I am going to share some … Continue reading

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49 is just a number

In honor of my 49th year here on earth, I have compiled a list of the 49 things I have learned so far: 1. Having a child changes your life – for the better. 2. People litter… a lot. 3. … Continue reading

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Here we go again…

I think a lot of things have happened recently that lead me to my current state of mind. The career stress is beyond what I have ever experienced in my life and frankly I feel stuck (four interviews and four … Continue reading

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A deadline looms…

… and Sheryl has begun the non-sleeping ritual. I have a very important report that has to be at the State BY Friday. While I am well on my way to completing the request, I am still far enough away … Continue reading

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new routine

Our routine has been going through so many changes lately. When Kev started his new job he only worked for a week before a two week shut-down. At that point, his new schedule was more of a novelty. The first … Continue reading

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June in Review – part 1

June was a big month for me. There were a lot of milestones to celebrate and take note of. June 5 – my nephew turned 18. June 6 – my nephew graduated from high school June 12 – my husband … Continue reading

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It feels like a new life

Hubby started a new job this week and quit his old one; a decision we made together. His old job? … was bad for his soul. Twelve years of mental anguish. He never brought it home, but I know he … Continue reading

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What would you do Wednesday.

There are a busy couple of weeks coming up for the Crap-o-rama household: Father’s Day, Anniversary, three birthdays (including my husband, my son and my best friend). Plus, even on a good day, work is just busier than shit.  But … Continue reading

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Sound familiar?

Holy shit, does this sound familiar…   I clicked on this  link so fast it was almost comical.  I thought for sure the tag line would read: “Scott Radde Michigan,  caught duping women out of thousands of dollars”… but it … Continue reading

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My hubby and I were talking over dinner (taco salads) last night.  I was explaining this web-site I found that has a tutorial on WordPress theme designing.  I said something like: “Honey, this site is so bad-ass..”   “Bad-aaa” comes … Continue reading

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